About Rampart

Our Values

Rampart’s vision is to revolutionize the science of wireless communications and make fundamental advances in digital security for individuals, businesses, and governments.

Our Story

Rampart Communications Inc. is based in Hanover, MD. The founders are physicists, mathematicians, RF engineers, and computer scientists with deep experience building, defending, and attacking wireless communication systems. Our core technology, Unitary Braid Division Multiplexing, is the result of years of multi-disciplinary collaboration. UBDM revolutionizes digital communications security via fundamental advances in the science of information theory.  Since 2016, we have developed new science, secured patents, achieved independent validation, and created a prototype network that demonstrates our solution’s effectiveness. Today, we partner with innovators across a host of industries to build the next generation of secure wireless systems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the connected world more safe and more secure.

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Our Team

Rampart technology is the result of interdisciplinary research in wireless communications, mathematics, and physical sciences. Meet the physicists, RF engineers, computer scientists and business experts behind this exciting and paradigm-shifting technology.

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Matt Robinson, Ph.D.


Physicist and Mathematician

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Keith Palmisano


Computer Scientist

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Kregg Arms, Ph.D.



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Scott Frazier, MSE.

Founder/SVP Engineering

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Sam Bemiss


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Anthony Diekemper


SVP Strategy and Business Development

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Brian Kelley, Ph.D.

VP Engineering

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Angela Buehler


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Rick Quinn


Core Values

At Rampart, we put our values into action each day to solve the worlds most complex communications challenges. These are the values that drive us.


We push the boundaries of what’s possible with a completely novel solution to one of the most complex communications challenges


We understand that we can accomplish much more together than we can individually


We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, we demand and welcome accountability and we always strive to do the right thing


Our work is about connecting people to one another, connecting businesses to their customers, and enhancing the potential of the connected world


We believe the right to communicate securely is universal, and strive to make that possible


Through the rigor of our science and the effectiveness of our technology we strive to provide peace of mind for our customers.

Learn More About Our Technology

The Rampart solution is transforming wireless security as we know it. Discover the benefits for your organization by exploring a demo with a member of the Rampart team.