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Rampart offers future-proof secure wireless communications. Rampart makes defending your networks easier and attacking your wireless impossible. Our solution is new science: not “one more security half-measure,” but a foundational improvement in your ability to de-risk and defend.

For government, satellite, financial services, healthcare, anything that’s connected, and everything IoT, Rampart offers complete protection for your networks.

Satellite Networks

Satellite coverage areas are measured in hemispheres and host a diverse set of customers and use cases. The commercial satellite industry depends on robust and efficient security solutions. The advent of consumer-grade software-defined radios and a growing toolset of sophisticated sniffing and reverse engineering capabilities means that “security by obscurity” is no longer a viable option. Current industry-leading defenses are both expensive and incomplete: Link-layer encryption is power-hungry and still leaves control channel information in the clear; LPI and frequency-hopping are decades-old countermeasures.

Rampart offers high-efficiency cryptographic security for the entire family of DVB-S modulations. UBDM protects your network against eavesdropping, denial or degradation-of-service, and exploitation. Command link attacks are a thing of the past. With Rampart, you can build fast, scalable, secure-by-default networks. We are transmission security for today and the future.

Government and Military

When the mission success hinges on the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and flexibility of communications, wireless security is paramount. Facing the most capable and focused adversaries, government and military networks must have layered defenses and detection. Any exposed weaknesses are risks to the mission and personnel. The military has many standards (JTRS/Link16/PWT), but each of those requires a compromise between performance and security.

Rampart’s capabilities are unparalleled. Our team is acutely aware of the challenges in this sector. We’ve built our technology to stand up against the most sophisticated attacker. We eliminate your wireless attack surface, denying any foothold and enabling scalable and mobile operations in all environments and applications.

Mobile. Efficient. Secure. Pick 3.

IoT and Manufacturing

Wi-Fi, 5G, and other last-mile wireless solutions enable significant advances in mobility and productivity. From Alexa to Zigbee, we are pushing the edges of our wireless coverage into our homes, factories, and infrastructure. That growth in the number of devices comes with significant security challenges: how do you mitigate the risks of out-of-date devices, implementation flaws, or proximity attacks when your coverage is continually expanding? Does exponential growth come with exponential costs?

With Rampart’s technology, manufacturers can deliver the innovative features that separate their products from their competition, while relying on Rampart for security in transit. Attackers can’t probe your networks, gather intelligence, or assess your weak points: Rampart is secure by default. Our technology is power-efficient, tunable to your applications and link budgets, and backward compatible, so you can easily chart a path to adoption without sacrificing function.

Wifi and Cellular

As data security continues to be top of mind for the average consumer, telecom customers are looking to their service providers to deliver their wireless services faster and at higher quality, while ensuring total security of their information. Rampart empowers wireless service providers to provide the security and value customers demand without compromising the speed, quality, and service features that define their networks.

Financial Services

Complying with DSS, SOX, and GLBA while serving a consumer market that demands total accessibility and convenience is a monumental task for financial institutions. As bankers and brokers shift to paperless workflows, Rampart provides financial institutions with reliable, cost-effective control of client information, credentialing, and user access across their networks.


Today, wireless medical devices, electronic patient records, and software systems enable the modern healthcare system to share information faster and provide a higher quality of patient care than ever before. Each of these technologies carries its own set of rules, compliance standards, and regulations that healthcare providers must continuously manage. Rampart offers healthcare institutions a secure wireless solution that ensures total security of their wireless communication and HIPAA compliance, without slowing down or compromising the quality of care they deliver to patients.

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