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Unitary Braid Division Multiplexing (UBDM) is Rampart’s patented secure wireless modulation. Implemented as a block of logic in an SDR, FPGA, or ASIC, UBDM protects every bit in a wireless transmission from the physical layer up.  UBDM provides this security with no compromise in throughput, spectral efficiency, bandwidth requirements, or power budget.


Wireless Networks are Vulnerable, and the Attack Surface is Expanding

Wireless connectivity is the fabric of the modern internet: ubiquitous connectivity means a global attack surface. To date, technological advances have only increased the attack surface: yesterday was wifi and satellite, tomorrow will be IoT, personal area networks, and connected infrastructure. As our wireless world has expanded, network defenders have had to choose between detecting and reacting to threats faster than attackers can act, or collapsing their defenses to a core network they can monitor, measure, and defend.

  • Wireless coverage area is wireless attack surface: increasing functionality increases risk

  • Defensive and endpoint solutions are reactive, focused on detection and audit instead of protection

  • Link-layer encryption leaves control channels, protocol flaws, and network structure exposed

  • Reconnaissance and attack tools are commonplace and inexpensive


Secure-by-Default Wireless

Rampart Teal rampart braid

Rampart’s solution eliminates the tradeoff between performance and security. UBDM protects the waveform itself– every bit that is transmitted, including data and signaling. Cryptographic security at the physical layer. Defenders can proactively stop even passive exploitation of wireless networks, forcing attackers to look elsewhere for a vulnerability. Best of all, UBDM doesn’t impact the throughput, power consumption, or efficiency of existing wireless technologies.

Rampart is the no-compromise, zero-attack-surface solution for reducing risk in an expanding wireless ecosystem.

The Attacker’s Perspective

Current 4G/5G/Wifi
Standard with Encryption
Current 4G/5G/Wifi
Standard with Encryption
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Advantages of UBDM

  • Innovative

    • Designed to provide security without compromising performance
    • Not a contrived balance of signal-to-noise ratio and security: a true new-science innovation in digital communications
  • Proven

    • Developed by physicists, RF engineers, and computer scientists; third-party validated
    • Concrete, not conjecture: existing SDR and FPGA implementations, not just a whitepaper
  • Efficient

    • No penalty to throughput, spectral efficiency, or analog performance
    • Orders-of-magnitude more efficient than AES/modern cryptographic algorithms
  • Secure

    • Not security-by-obscurity, like spreading or hopping, but secure-by-default: unintended recipients can’t see a single bit
    • The only wireless modulation that delivers security that meets the standard of Kerckhoffs’ Principle
  • Compatible

    • Works seamlessly with existing phy-layer protocols – DVB-S2, 802.11, 4G/5G, MU-MIMO, SC-OFDMA, etc.
    • No changes to analog RF hardware: zero change to spectral or power envelope
  • Robust

    • Equalization, framing, channel-coding – all work seamlessly with UBDM, using existing MODCODs
    • Additional features include anti-jam, anti-geo, and case-by-case PAPR reduction


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