Rampart offers the world’s only fundamentally secure means of wireless communication. Our technology makes it impossible to intercept, reverse engineer, or exploit a wireless network. By eliminating the wireless attack surface, we enable you to build secure-by-default networks for everything from satellites to smartphones.

Whitepaper: Technology Overview

Rampart Communications offers a breakthrough solution to the exponentially growing problem of wireless network vulnerability. In this executive whitepaper, we provide an overview of our technology, its benefits and impact. Download to learn more.

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Wireless Networks are Vulnerable

Connectivity is vital for both personal and planet-scale networks — and defending those networks is a nearly insurmountable challenge. Zero-Trust and Least-Privilege defenses are reactive. At best, these strategies aim to detect and respond to predetermined activity patterns. Attackers have had the advantage, until now.

…and the Attack Surface is Growing Exponentially

Wireless networks are expanding. As more means of communication are introduced, as the number of wireless devices increases, and as our defense, business, and social infrastructures are increasingly dependent on wireless, the inherent vulnerabilities of our infrastructure become more pronounced and more dangerous. Your wireless footprint equals your wireless attack surface.

25 Billion connected devices today

IDC (via Forbes) predicts 80 Billion by 2025

ARM report predicts 1 Trillion by 2035

“There is a foundational piece of advice to counter these (cyber) kinds of threats…reduce the attack surface.”

– Rob Joyce, Senior Leader, NSA


The Zero-Attack-Surface, No-Compromise Solution

Rampart Solution UBDM Technology

Rampart’s patented Unitary Braid Division Multiplexing (UBDM) modulation technology provides categorical security at the physical layer. UBDM is new science: secure-by-default, not security-as-an-afterthought.

UBDM is…

  • Cryptographically Secure. The opposite of “security-by-obscurity”, UBDM is secure even if attackers have full knowledge of the system.
  • Concrete, not conjecture. We’ve done the science, patented the IP,  and offer implementations for SDR, FPGA, and ASIC platforms.
  • Backward and forward compatible. Complements the full range of modern digital communications: including DSSS, m-QAM, DVB-S2X, PSK, MU-MIMO, SC-OFDMA.
  • No Compromise. Protects every bit of data without sacrificing performance or increasing power consumption.

The Attacker’s Perspective

Rampart eliminates the wireless link as an attack surface, securing both content and metadata. By securing the waveform itself, unintended recipients cannot derive any information, messaging or metadata, about the content of the wireless transmission.

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No Data Protected

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Some Data Protected

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All Data Protected


Broad Market Impact

All current wireless communications are fundamentally flawed, but the risks are particularly apparent in industries where security is a priority. In these industries, defenders know the challenges, complexity, and cost to secure the wireless attack surface. Rampart offers transformative benefits in security and efficiency – without additional complexity.


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Meet the Team

Rampart is led by a team of technical, information security, and business experts with decades of experience in the United States Intelligence Community, RF engineering, and the C-Suite of Fortune 500 companies.

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